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Audiobook Narration

PTBS is ready to record your book with our veteran staff of over 50 narrators.  Need a Spanish language novel recorded? No problem!  Need a medical dictionary recorded? No problem!  We specialize in not only narrating standard novels, non-fiction selections, and children's books, but also abstruse and dense material, including text books, course books, insurance policies, dictionaries, and obscure foreign languages.  


Our staff of professionally trained engineers and editors will ensure that the quality of your audiobook is eclipsed by none.  We are very proud of the thousands of books we have produced, and the experience we have amassed in reaching any technical specifications that you require.  Advanced techniques, including highly detailed noise treatment, complex editing, and meticulous quality control procedures are standard practice at PTBS!


Research and Review

Our Quality Assurance department will ensure that your book is thoroughly proofed, and that all of the difficult material is researched and delivered accurately!  After decades of audiobook production, PTBS has developed strong systems and procedures to quickly find the correct pronunciations of difficult-to-locate names and words.  We pride ourselves in delivering clean recordings, void of mistakes that distract the listener.  

Duplication and Distribution

Once PTBS has completed your audiobook recording, we can also package and duplicate your book for retail!  We offer extensive options, including CD duplication, retail-ready printing and packaging, and drop shipment.  PTBS can not only record your book, but also distribute your book straight from our facilities.  A true one-stop shop!